How To Create An Environment Where Everyone Grows Together

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Employees are the backbone of every Company. For them to thrive, it is essential to create a positive work environment where they feel appreciated, empowered and part of a tribe. If not, they often feel suffocated especially when working in a chaotic atmosphere. Here are a few tips on how to create an environment where everyone grows together.

Define generous boundaries

Contrary to popular belief, boundaries do not limit employees efforts. Instead, it helps them accomplish more because it removes the grey zone, so they know exactly what is and what isn’t possible. Allow your team to take decisions within those boundaries and do not interfere. Giving them the freedom to learn through trial and error is essential. This will empower them to come up with innovative ideas and make the best decision because you placed your trust in them.

Listen Intently

Authentic listening is the key to every successful relationship. Listen to what your employees want, dislike and their vision for what could be. If they have new ideas to share, listen intently, you might be pleasantly surprised. Besides, listening doesn’t mean you agree with them; it merely demonstrates that you value them enough to be interested in what they have to say. If you listen to your employees, they will listen to you.

Show faith

Believe in your team and encourage them to take risks. Discover what everyone is best at and what strengths could be magnified. Then, empower them to achieve more and showcase their ability by taking a step back and letting them fly on their own. If you show faith in your employees, they will reward you with their best efforts and strive not to disappoint you. Excellent leadership is being close to everyone but not trying to control everything.

Forgive mistakes

Your team isn’t evolving if they aren’t making mistakes. Punishing someone for a mistake will only make them over-conservative, ultimately stopping them from taking any initiative in the future. Employees tend to go back a step when overly criticized and punished. Instead, congratulate their initiative, recognize what they did right and suggest ways to improve next time. This approach will create an environment where people will continuously grow.

Appreciate and give constructive feedback

Don’t focus solely on talent or wait for significant accomplishments to praise your team. Praising them regularly (when deserved) for their efforts and celebrating small wins helps them grow. Employees strive to do more and be more when they feel appreciated. However, merely telling your employees, they did a ‘good job’ does not provide them with any direction. Point out precisly what they did well like, ‘Your report on our top 5 KPIs was excellent because____. Be specific about what actions had good and bad impacts, always.

Learn Flexibility

No two people are the same. One person may thrive in a fast-paced environment while another can become immediately overwhelmed and someone who needs things to move quickly can become frustrated when working with more analytical colleagues — being flexible means being aware of these differences and providing possibilities for everyone on your team to thrive.

Empowering your employees increases productivity, raises engagement and creates an environment where people want to go to work every day.

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