My Story

My name is Jason and I’m going to get real with you for a minute.

I’ve always had big dreams, wanted to create a fulfilling life I was proud of, and genuinely cared about people. 

However, as a kid and young adult, I suffered emotionally never believing I was good enough or that I could accomplish anything great.

My mission to inspire others to overcome adversity and know anything is possible begins with me being completely vulnerable which is why I share the following with you…


I Struggled with obesity from early childhood up until my late teens living with no self-confidence, constant ridicule, sparse social interactions and years of illnesses that led to solitude.

However, one morning I woke up with a commitment to take charge of my health and improve my life. I lost  100 pounds in my teens and have lived a healthy athletic lifestyle ever since.  

My experience ignited a passion for fitness coupled with a thirst for knowledge that led me to an associates degree in exercise science and a certified personal trainer.  Thriving as a trainer for three years, my mission was to serve individuals at the highest level by empowering with the knowledge and inspiration to step into their true selves and gain confidence to live a fulfilling life.


I battled depression for a considerable portion of my life, which negatively influenced many decisions and actions over the years resulting in painful consequences for myself as well as everyone around me. At age 28, depression claimed victory in our ongoing battle leading to an implosive downward spiral, which resulted in becoming homeless.

Fortunately, I was blessed to have an incredible group of individuals that gave me hope in times of hopelessness.What many would assume was one of the worst periods in my life proved to be one of the most beneficial, liberating and transformative. 

My journey in overcoming depression taught me many valuable lessons that propelled me to where I am today. It is the essence of why I do what I do and ultimately provided me with the gift of learning who I am, what my core values are, and my reason for being here.

We often believe we lack the resources to be successful or overcome the roadblocks that lay ahead but what we really lack is the resourcefulness to achieve our dreams.


Suffering when used to our advantage can fuel our desire to accomplish great things if we live to make a selfless difference in other peoples lives.

After decades of selfish suffering, becoming the best version of myself to serve and inspire became my unwavering priority in 2008 crafting a new chapter wholeheartedly devoted to personal and professional development. 

Since then, I’ve invested thousands of hours studying psychology, leadership, high performance, strategic intervention, and have read at least one book a week the entire time. I’ve completed extensive training and acquired certifications in the field with such teachers and institutions as; Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Lean Six Sigma, International Sports Science Association, and Harvard. 

Today, my mission is to pay it forward by giving hope to the hopeless, inspiring others to know anything is possible, find their voice, and produce a positive impact to make a difference in the world.

Career Experience

Growing up, my family owned multiple Provigo grocery stores which meant business was a part of everyday life. It also created opportunities for total immersion in business, management, human resources and what it takes to succeed at a very young age. 

My business experience spans over twenty years where I held leadership positions as store manager, director, project manager, trainer, facilitator, and innovation & implementation manager with Loblaws, Metro, Iga, and Walmart in addition to working with hundreds as a personal trainer. 

I’ve had the privilege to speak with intimate groups, massive teams, and audiences in the thousands. 

Many people can tell you what to do, but few have the experience and have done it themselves.

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